Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello Friends! News and maybe NSFW.....

Hello Everyone!
         i have been away from blogger for quite a while, i hope everyone who still follows me is doing well.
ill give you the cliffnotes version of my updated life before i jump into a funny story.
-new car, pretty kick ass, an audi (used of course)
- bio still stinks like a butt, but i am enjoying the school year. Very busy!
-gained 10 lbs, but dropped bodyfat %, currently 170 lbs and 11%.. have some self confidence.

Anyways, story time:

My friend and i have recently gotten into using coke, and despite the stigma it is an awesome drug. My only complaint is the cost and the slightly stuffy nose the next morning. Anyways, my friend was sort of seeing this one girl who was also a fan of the "finer things", and he said one day in his room they were blowing lines, and he goes "....Gotta do a few lines off of your ass."

Of course, that was no problem for her. Same night he says he is chopping up more yayo, butt naked, and for some reason, "has a rock hard boner". Clearly his only option is to even the playing field, and says "you can't not do a line off of this, but watch that razor." Ill leave the mechanics of the procedure out.

So now i gotta catch up, and do a line off an ass. Unfortunately, i have high standards for asses i do lines off of. Let me ask you, my friends, How attractive does one need to be for you to do a line off of their ass? 6+/10? 8+/10?

For me, it cant be just any ass, its gotta be a pretty awesome ass.