Friday, April 15, 2011


Hello everyone, please forgive me for falling so far behind on my blogging duties. i have been stressed to the maxxxxx. Ever since adding a second major (has not taken effect yet, it will next semester), i have really been taking inventory on my scholarly life. For the time being, i have found i hate my current one (molecular bio). It must be due to the courseload i have to take to get the degree. i got all but two classes done with a year ago, but was still at least 30 hours short of graduation. So, i am currently taking irrelevant upper division courses that don't have shit to do with my major! And to make things even better, most of the classes have nothing to do with each other, despite being one of the bio sciences.

So i get to spend lots of time learning shit i will never need to remember, or know, or care about in a few months. Want to know what a pterygiophore has to do with molecular bio? nothing! Currently i am cramming for a test where the teacher has over 200 powerpoint slides loaded with big words to memorize.

I cant help but reflect back on all the fun times and great nights with my friends....that i missed out on because i decided to go to class the next day, or study, or do a paper. Weak. Once this semester is over i will get back on my proper schedule of my blogging responsibilities, and who know, maybe i will have something positive or uplifting to write about for a change!

TL;DR wahhhh wahhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhh, poooor me

Heres a video clip that captures how i feel at this point in time. I am the shoe.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Watch this!!

Just watched a kick-ass documentary called "Fat Head".. At face value, a man tries to lose weight by just eating a diet of fast food. On a deeper level, its about fat in our diet and society; and how the views have been formed by personal agendas, propaganda and corporate funding. i dare say it was shocking, though corny at times. (the corniness comes from some of the jokes of the narrator, but he means well). This is literally changing the way i eat, and it takes a dump on what/how we have been told to eat. Though it may be slow at parts, and have some juvenile jokes, i urge you to watch it!!!

                         My face when i got some of the information in this documentary

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Any good pranks this year?

April Fool's Day was just a few days ago, and i didn't prank shit. i either couldn't think of anything, or came up with an idea that went way tooo far. Since i didn't want to scar anyone emotionally or be cast as a sociopath, i just did nothing.  Did anyone pull off any good pranks this year?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Holy Shit Bad Timing

I was watching TV the other day, and saw a commercial for the movie Believer, the true story of the surfer girl who lost her arm in a shark attack and her struggle to the top. Immediately following that one i hear "Which one tasted better?" and it was the effing snickers commercial with a panel of sharks discussing how a man tasted better because he had eaten a snickers bar! what poor, yet hilarious, ad placement....