Tuesday, November 8, 2011

wisdom teeth

i got my wisdom teeth out friday, and it was not that bad. I have just been kind of pissy due to the dietary restrictions, and the love my family has of rubbing prime rib for dinner in my face.

I was a bit disappointed i wasn't as rocked as i thought i would be due to the anesthetic, because i have heard some funny stories. (and seen those annoying youtube videos)

Do any of you have good wisdom teeth stories?


  1. I got all four of mine pulled at the same time. I remember being told not to chew my tongue several times by the doc once I sort of came to in the post op room.

  2. Never had mine taken out. I had mine teeth filled in before. Both times were at a children's dentistry. It was the also place near us that accepted Medicaid, and we lost it as soon as we turned 18. So I was there around 15-16, and I was rather funny to hear all the little kids screaming down the hall because they were afraid of a teeth cleaning

  3. Glad you're not suffering through it. I have an exposed wisdom tooth and my dentist wants me to get it removed soon and I'm dreading it. I've heard the stories too!

  4. No, not really. Do they get pulled out only when they hurt or something?