Saturday, February 5, 2011

Total Douchebags

I was watching some of the History Channel, and on came a commercial for American Pickers. For those not familiar, two dopes travel around to places owned/lived in by elderly people with hoarding problems, and sort through their junk looking for valuable memorabilia. seems innocent enough, until i watched part of an episode. They found some old man in foreclosure and low-balled him as hard as they could, knowing he had to get rid of this stuff, taking advantage of the fact he is stuck between a rock and hard place.  What sickened me most, and inspired this blog, was the newest commercial i saw... The taller one spots a rare schwinn bike, of which only about 10 have been accounted for, and his eyes bug out. You see his wheels turning, that he cannot let this old man know what a gem he has so he can get it for dirt cheap. The worst part of this show is that these guys act overly friendly and gregarious to the people they meet, to disguise what slimy, wolve's-in-sheep's clothing they really are. I have noticed they have the same glint in their eyes as Ted Haggard's from back when i first saw Jesus Camp.. and we all know what happened since then


  1. Fuck assholes like that. Taking advantage of people in desperate circumstances is never justified.

  2. i completely agree these guys are total douchebags.