Monday, February 7, 2011

Travel Channel Showdown

During my quarantine, i have been watching a lot of the of the good travel channel shows, such as Man v Food, Bizarre Foods, and No Reservations. I think they all have sweet jobs, but which one is the best? Personally i think Anthony Bourdain does, host of No Reservations. Since its my blog and i can put whatever inane crap i want, let me walk you through my thought process.

Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) - Yes, he gets to travel to exotic countries all over the world, thats awesome.  But he doesnt always get to that country's finest restaurants, he goes out into the shit with the locals to sample traditional food, and like the title indicates, bizarre food. He tries everything to respect the customs and the people, but no matter how refined your palate is, or open your mind, some things are just repulsive. He once ate raw cow meat dipped in joint fluid, a lamprey, as well as rotten shark. Fun job, but those are some major strikes against it.

Adam Richman (Man v Food) - I would love to have 95% of Adam Richman's job. Travel around the country to renowned, popular places, mash unique and inventive bar food, loads of BBQ, cheesy stuff, fried stuff, fried cheesy stuff, etc. He is living every college student's dream, almost. The show revolves around food challenges in these towns, and they catch the attention of the Travel Channel because they are fuckin hard.  Most of the time is a massive portion, which we all know sucks when you eat past capacity, but the worst are the spicy challenges.  Most of those hot wings are blasted with capsaicin extract, which is the compound giving spicy foods their sting. it can actually cause physical problems to an individual. Fuck that. The worst part is, he doesnt always win. Fun job yes, but the pain is not worth it.

Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations)  - Anthony is a bit of curmudgeon, who enjoys smoking, drinking, good food and tells it like it is.  He combines the travel and experiences of Bizarre Foods with the food scene samplings of Man v Food. Best part though, none of the drawbacks.  Anthony get to check out popular local places, eat traditional (yet not nasty) food, dine at the finest restaurants, and travel with locals to get a feel for the life there. and drink!  No Reservations offers a vacation that isnt just for tourists to take pictures and buy junk souvenirs, Anthony knows the right people to show him the heart and soul of where he is visiting. Being the host of No Reservations would offer the chance to take amazing vacations as your job, thats why i think it would be the #1 job to have on the Travel Channel.


  1. There is a show named Man v Food, seriously? I have to check that out!

  2. i perfonally love no reservation
    Bourdain is the man! im so jealous of him!
    i saw this one where he had to eat like a bull's dick hahaha


  3. Bizarre foods is like my favorite show, my dad's too.

  4. Nice blog man

    I like posting

    fallowing and supporting

  5. The only one I wouldn't want is bizarre foods.

  6. cool blog!

  7. no reservations is the best job i think so too.
    and please turn of captcha

  8. Haha I have always had the same view as you, would love it honestly.

  9. Having Adam Richman's job would be great yett suckish since he can travel to a lot of places yet.....the challenges are sometimes....ugh